Hi, I've been trying to figure out my own art style, and in some tags I noticed you said you were having an "art style crisis" and I was wondering how you got out of your crisis..? This probably sounds really awkward and I'm sorry I'm just really shy

first of all, Im so terribly sorry for the late reply, I’m sort of in a semi-hiatus right now and I needed time to answer this seriously. 

yes my dear shy haanimation, I was in an art style crisis, I’m pretty sure I’m still in one, really, only maybe its not the soul-searching frustration that it was months ago. 

from what I know (and after a while, finally accepted)… art style is something that comes naturally to you. You observe other artists, you mismatch their greatest qualities into yours, and what comes out is something that is undeniably YOURS. It’s like penmanship, and it might come out awkward and stilted like a toddler at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. It just takes time. 

That’s the gist of it, really. Developing your art style takes time. It’s not a eureka moment, or a momentous miracle, it’s something that happens after months and months of drawing. Sorry, fellow artists, there’s no other way. 

It’s a natural process. 

And yeah, sometimes you can get frustrated, because you just can’t seem to replicate an art style that you drew maybe a week ago, (and that IS frustrating as hell don’t get me wrong) but all that means is that your style is evolving — still evolving — and there are ups and downs yes, but you’re still going forward, don’t ever forget that.

And - this part is so so important — don’t try to learn to run before you walk. Learning anatomy is the most important aspect in any artist’s art style. You can’t get a distinctive, consistent way to drawing a face if you’re still struggling on where the heck do you draw the eyes and nose together that doesn’t look frag all weird. You’ll only slow yourself down and prob cry a lot of frustration tears along the way (trust me I know).  

So yeah? Newbie artists?? Get started on that anatomy practice >:(

Yes it’s boring as heck, but there’s a reason why all websites and artists stress this!! Developing a decent grasp on anatomy is an important tool to have. 

I hope this helps you!! xoxo

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late night doodle before bed (i dont draw young avengers enough huffhuff)
my headcanon kate is asian =w=

late night doodle before bed (i dont draw young avengers enough huffhuff)

my headcanon kate is asian =w=

needed a break, so i drew my favourite titan c: 

needed a break, so i drew my favourite titan c: 

are you still doing the color palettes?


Probably not, since I’m going to be more busy starting July. But who knows?? People are still doing them even now, so I don’t feel as bad finishing them late hahhahaaa. (I had a list of 10 I at least wanted to try, but asldkghaldkgh)  I won’t be accepting any more colour palette requests anymore, however, sorry :(( 

I love your artwork! I'm planning on getting a drawing tablet, could you recordommend me what program I should use?
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Paint tool SAI is one of the more commonly used art programs, so you can’t go wrong there :D It’s also my personal choice.

(It looks something like this)

I downloaded SAI from one of the links here. (You’ll need WINRAR to decompress it)

If you want to explore your other options and stuff though, a masterpost link of art programs can be found here. And there’s always photoshop, although it’s not a newbie friendly program and I wouldn’t recommend it as your first one D8

Hope this helps you, anon /kisses

first, your art is awesome!! second, you've improved so much in such a short time it's almost unbelievable. i was wondering what, if anything specific, did you do to help yourself improve at the rate you did. like do you have an tips or know of good tutorials?
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UM ummm alright so there’s no easy answer to this. 

I… don’t really watch tutorials? Because tutorials I’ve found are catered to that (tutorial person’s) one art style, so I usually try and look for stuff that’s more broad. I’ve also found there’s a limit to how much art tips and references (outside of anatomy, and even that can be subjective) can help you. But they’re still really important to give you inspiration, so that’s still a thing. 

Generally though, it’s more of like…. immersing yourself in art, art that inspires you and makes you want to keep improving on your own? I suppose?

I guess part of it is because I’m a pretty self-critical person? (Aren’t we all, though) I can look at this thing I drew literally two hours ago and think: this needs work, this needs to be redone, I need to find a better way to draw this, etc. 

Then I look at other artists, try to incorporate the way they did that specific thing in the next time (could be lineart, could be colours, could be something tinier like noses or eyes or mouths). It’s an ever changing process. A good part of how to improve as an artist, I think, is to be self-aware, to know where your faults are and try to get better at them. 


ABOVE IMAGE: drawn four-ish months ago. I thought it was the balls then, but now I could pick out faults: the messy lineart, flat eyes, oddly shaped lips, strangely thin, long nose, blocky proportion, etc. 


ABOVE IMAGE: drawn one month ago. things to fix: more loose hair rendering, head proportion, thin neck…etc. Better than its former two months ago? Sure. Could it still use improving? Yup!

I know I’m not good yet, but I also know I can get better, and that’s the most important thing.

Simple tips I can give are like, hm let’s see:




LOVE YOURSELF. LOVE YOUR ART. YES, EVEN THE OLD SHIT. (that’s right ‘08 naruto doodles i’m looking at u)

I really hope this helps you on your own artist path! Good luck!! /throws confetti :D

alvida said: If it&#8217;s not too much trouble, could you do Aqualad in #16?

this palette stumped me i&#8217;m just gonna call it a mt justice laundry accident that resulted with kaldur in pastels

alvida said: If it’s not too much trouble, could you do Aqualad in #16?

this palette stumped me i’m just gonna call it a mt justice laundry accident that resulted with kaldur in pastels

I saw the pic of Roy then anal in your tag and I was so up for that. Then I saw rendering.
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